the plan.

Before we saw our apartment the broker who showed it to us said it was too tiny for two people. But after seeing other tiny places in the area that were in typical shoddy NYC condition entering now our apartment felt dare I say big. Obviously it was not a big apartment at 266 square feet but the sun rays were shining in and we saw the freedom tower from all the windows and well thats basically want sold us. Our hearts melted and our brain were probably a little confused.

When we sat down to make our decision, we were deciding between the above mentioned studio and a much larger studio about a 5/10 minute walk away from it. The larger apartment was in a doorman building, with an elevator, had bike storage, and roof top deck. Sounds awesome yes? No brainer right? WRONG. Our hearts (this sounds so sappy) were still thinking about the smaller place and we envisioned ourselves in that apartment.

Envisioning ourselves in this apartment ultimately meant reducing the amount of stuff we had, but we wanted to make sure that the things we actually needed were able to fit. So we created a list and being designers drew out a rough floor plan from memory to try and create a furniture arrangement.

Here’s what we came up with:



Okay, so I cant find what we did with the floor plan, but here are two perspectives that I quickly sketched.

We knew we had to fit a bed most importantly, additional storage for the boyfriends clothing since he graciously gave up the two closets for my wardrobe, and some sort of seating. We attempted to see if some of our existing pieces would work and so it was like putting the pieces [of a very small] puzzle together. It seemed to work on paper so it gave our brain the assurance that our heart did not need. We ended up going with the smaller space and are very happy that we did!

Although our space is turning out quite different then the original plan/sketch we’re fitting all our needs/likes into our apartment and more and the little plan we put together was the push we needed to seal the deal.

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