the evolution.

Hi there. I am back. After some issues with my laptop that my friend graciously fixed, it is not longer held hostage, and therefore I can now access the photos that I wanted to share! Im putting blame on said friend and not the fact that I was partially to blame aka lazy.

Today I wanted to share how the bedroom space has been evolving since moving into our apartment. There are subtle changes that are currently in place, but the photos below are what it looked like in the first weeks of life in Brooklyn Heights. Trying to figure out what goes where, what looks good with what, what else can I get rid of so that this place is not as cluttered!


Yikes, hello pile of laundry waiting to be put away. Okay, so honestly the above photo does not show complete chaos that moves in usually are. Thanks to our awesome friends who helped us with the move and because the apartment was so small we were able to get things (mostly) in there places by the end of the move in day. The photo below (phase 1) is a more accurate description as to what this room really looked liked.


Now Ill just briefly go over the different phases our boudoir went through in the first few weeks as seen in the photos above. Because you guys care. RIGHT?!?! Right! Okay pfewww.


Bed is in place, few accessories placed onto radiator, and bed linens on. Random frames and lots of laundry to be done are not part of the design scheme!


Laundry got done! Frame put up above bed. Shelf hung as nightstand. Frame and books hung above radiator. Side table being used as entry catch all.


Orange pillows went bye bye aka parents basement. Black and white photograph hung above nightstand/shelf. Black out shades were attached into window frame.


Different dark navy pillow covers and a burgandy throw. Attempting to de-clutter above radiator aka removing books and replacing them with “stuff” on the windowsill.

In its final stages of that week (we’re no where near being in any final stages) below is what the bedroom looked like. I attempted to streamline as much as possible. That included the color pallete that is turning into a navy/black/and white combo. The duvet cover my boyfriend already had so I decided to add it into the mix and I am liking the darker tone in there. We (the boyfriend) put up the shelf/nightstand on my side of the bed as well to create some more symmetry. There are a few new acquisitions on my side of the bed as well (btw my side is the more feminine side aka the right side of the image) I’ll probably go into those things in a little more detail, especially since theres a simple DIY in there. Oh and also what you can’t see in the image is that we (my dad) installed a new light fixture! This made a huge difference as fellow renters no that landlords rarely put up a decent looking fixture its always those ugly too shiny brass ones with the glass done. Barf. Cant wait to show you how the fixture looks like in a later post.


So what do you guys think so far?? Would love to hear if you think these changes were positive or if you liked the earlier versions better. Without seeing the rest of the space yet I guess it would be hard to formulate an opinion. But I swear things are really starting to come together!

Cant wait to share more tomorrow…