the introduction.

My name is Lilly Fuks, the latter being the funny name part. I studied Interior Design in college and work in the high end residential (serious design) part of this field which contrasts greatly with what my real world design life is like. To put it in layman’s terms 2,000.00 side table = clients budget and 20.00 side table = lillys budget. Both worlds allow for a lot of creativity but obviously it is trickier to design a space and make it look like a thousand bucks with only some change in your pocket.

So, I recently moved to Brooklyn Heights… into a MUCH smaller apartment than my previous one… with the addition of my boyfriend. After an exhausting two months of looking for a place to begin a new chapter of our lives together we settled on our little gem of a place in an area that we’re falling in love with more and more each day we explore it. Point of this is that not only did I go from a S P A C I O U S apartment in Williamsburg to a much smaller space, but there was also someone that was to share that same space with me. If an interior designer and architect(boyfriend) couldnt make this space work, then no one could, luckily we’re not only making it work, but loving  smaller space living. This blog will be a way for me to document the progress of making our little gem into a home that suits the both of us. Hopefully once there is a reader out there beside myself, it could maybe encourage one of you to enjoy the process of downsizing as well while I do the hard part of figuring it out.

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